The Fast, Easy & Effective Way To Clean Your Booty

Improve Your Personal Hygiene & Save at least $100 On Toilet Paper Or Your Money Back!

A Portable Shower For Your Booty

The Dirty Truth About Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper’s Environmental Impact

Upgrade Your Personal Hygiene


Improved Anal Hygiene

Cleans more effectively than toilet paper. OWNBIDET washes away all traces of faecal matter and leaves you perfectly clean. Reduces the risk of itchiness, infections and skid marks.

Improved Vaginal Hygiene

Reduces the risk of yeast and uninary tract infections. Especially useful during a period as it rinses away blood, vaginal mucus and endometrial particles which can produce a strong odour.

Gentle & Soothing Cleansing

Enjoy a gentle and soothing stream of water cleansing your sensitive area, leaving you perfectly clean. Perfect option for people with hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Easy Reach Down There

Excellent for pregnant women or elder folks who lack mobility and have difficulty reaching below. The ergonomic design allows for versatile use and easy to aim which prevents from having to maneuver into difficult positions to achieve thorough cleanliness

Compact & Travel Friendly

The compact & portable design fits in your bag and travels with you when you are on-the-go. Ready to provide an thorough cleaning no matter where you are


Requires little water to function and drastically reduces toilet paper consumption which requires large quantities of water and cutting down trees to produce. This means you’ll be helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint

All these toilet paper brands have done a great job making us think toilet paper is hygienic. It’s not. Dry toilet paper can also be abrasive. Wiping too hard or too many times can tear the thin and delicate skin on your anus, causing bleeding or pain. Using a bidet is the ideal way to care for your backside after going to the bathroom. 

Dr Evan Goldstein, D.O. Colorectal Surgeon


No Installation

Just load with AAA batteries and fill its resevoir with water

Portable Design

Ready to provide an effective cleaning no matter where you are

180° Adjustable Nozzle

No need to maneuver into difficult positions to reach your target

2 Wash Settings

Choose between low (L) 45 second flow and high (H) 25 second flow

Best Portable Toilet Bidet - Bidets | OWNBIDET
Best Portable Toilet Bidet - Bidets | OWNBIDET
Best Portable Toilet Bidet - Bidets | OWNBIDET
Best Portable Toilet Bidet - Bidets | OWNBIDET
Best Portable Toilet Bidet - Bidets | OWNBIDET
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Enjoy a gentle, soothing & effective cleaning for your senstive area

Reduce the risk of skid marks, itchiness, infections & tears

Portable and ready to use whenever nature calls

Save at least $100 on toilet paper or your money back

1 Year money back guarantee

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It ...

Excellent product I loved it. Very good pressure, small and portable, great for traveling. Highly recommended!

Matias Das Neves, Brazil

I love how it enhances my personal hygiene and lets me help the planet by reducing toilet paper consumption. 

Bernice Cormier, Canada

At first, I was doubtful but after using for a month, I can only ask “Where have you been all my life?” The best! 

Marilyn Munoz, USA

This little gem lives up to all of it’s claims. Once you go bidet, it’s very hard to go back to toilet paper!

Casey Dean, United Kingdom

This changed my life! I feel so clean now! I keep one at home and another with me wherever I go.

Jenny Rosengren, Australia


We are base in the UK but our products are manufactured and shipped from Hong Kong to offer you the best price and most economical shipping.

Yes, we offer secure worldwide shipping.

2 x AAA

6.3'' x 1.9'' / 16cm x 4.8cm

150ml / 5 oz

Yes, Ownbidet is IPX7 waterproof meaning it can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.

Wash with soap and water and allow to dry thoroughly.

1 year! You read correctly! You have a whole year to decide! If your experience is less than perfect, simply return your OWNBIDET anytime within a year for a full refund guaranteed. Just reach out to our Customer Support. Don’t worry, we have your back(side). We are obsessed with keeping your booty clean and happy and we know our product can do that.